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Tattoo Appointment Fee Pricing

**This is not the price of your tattoo. $100 will automatically go towards the time spent designing your tattoo.

1. I only tattoo my own custom designs. ( I will do my best to work with you on what you want without jeopardizing the integrity of the tattoo).

2. Send an email first and when sending an email please include a detailed description on what you want and where on your body it will be tattooed. I will get back to you if its something that I will do.

3. Please don’t send me an email inquiring a tattoo if you are under 18 years of age.

4. See TRAVEL DATES for availability.

5. For tattoo convention bookings  I have a 2 hr minimum

6. Please see my PORTFOLIO so that you are familiar with the style that I tattoo.




My goal is to give you the tattoo that you desire and that you will love without going against my beliefs in what makes a great tattoo that will last forever. I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

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